TIC™ Smart Indicator

TIC Smart Indicator

Introducing a new innovation in pre-conditioning TIC panels for the Crēdo Cube™ reusable shipper system

What is the TIC™ Smart Indicator?
The reusable TIC™ Smart Indicator was designed to reliably indicate when the Crēdo Series 4 TIC system has reached a safe temperature for use by having a visible check mark appear.

What are the advantages of using the indicator?
Because the indicator is embedded in the TIC panel, accurate PCM core temperature readings can be achieved. Also eliminates any issues with TIC freeze orientation - the TIC can be frozen with the indicator facing up or down.
Mounted inside a sealed housing eliminating stray convention in packing environment from interacting with the indicator 
      causing false positive indications.
Eliminates user from touching the indicator directly and causing a false positive indication.


  Easy Packout 
 No IR Gun