Designed for Any Trip, All Conditions Protect your high-value medical payloads with the world’s most trusted temperature-controlled packaging technologies. Our patented, award-winning Golden Hour™ technology provides superior passive single-use and reusable thermal shipper protection for your temperature-sensitive payloads. You can count on consistent performance up to 168 hours (seven days). PARCEL SHIPMENTS REUSABLE PARCEL: A wide range of reusable thermal cases to meet your payload size, temperature range and duration protection requirements consistently. SINGLE-USE PARCEL: Our range of single-use parcel shipping solutions feature advanced insulation. Together with either water or phase change material to give consistent results, our products achieve consistent temperature stability for your valuable payload. PALLET SHIPMENTS SINGLE-USE PALLET: Our range of single-use passive bulk shipping solutions are suitable for all biopharma and clinical trial applications. We utilize advanced insulation to provide strict temperature control of your product within the demanding environment of global distribution. REUSABLE PALLET: Our high performance, extremely durable and reusable, passive temperature controlled pallet shippers are ideal for consolidating large domestic and international cargo shipments. CrEdoTM cube™ Clinical Trial Samples destination: Nepal External temp: 35°C INTERNAL temp: stable