Protecting valuable, critical pharmaceuticals, diagnostics/clinical trials, tissue, vaccines and blood supplies — ALL THE WAY TO THE LAST MILE, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. The products you’re shipping represent years of investment and the ultimate output from a team of brilliant and dedicated scientists. The clinicians who become your customers and the patients who enjoy longer, healthier lives because of your counting on timely delivery of high-quality, life-changing products. We understand the critical nature of this uniquely human supply chain. When you rely on Pelican BioThermal cold chain solutions, you know you’re doing everything in your power to protect every shipment. We provide a comprehensive range of thermal tests and qualification processes to ensure true confidence in your cold chain — and the lowest total cost of ownership. Our technologies and services help you reduce payload risk, distribution costs and their environmental impact, ensuring temperature-sensitive, critical and high-value payloads reach their destination safely. Every Shipment Matters chronosTM advance Blood destination: Sahara, Morocco External temp: 45°C INTERNAL temp: stable