Crēdo Xtreme™ Series 20M Half Stack Pallet

Crēdo Xtreme™ Series 20M Half Stack Pallet

This high performance, extremely durable and reusable passive temperature controlled pallet shipper is offered in two sizes and is ideal for consolidating large domestic and international cargo shipments. Pelican BioThermal’s Crēdo™ patented technology provides a revolutionary cost effective temperature controlled pallet shipper that ensures secure transport of high value pharmaceutical and biotech products – qualified to maintain the required temperature range for 96 - 144 hours.

Easy removal and installation of the TIC™ (PCM) system for conditioning provides a significant return on investment with less labor costs, greater volumetric payload size, and reduced risk of product compromise.


Temperature RangeSub -18°C
Coolant TypePCM Coolant
Duration *84.00 hours
Volume Metric371.00 litres
Payload Size Metric1027 × 825 × 438 mm
Payload Size Imperial40 × 32 × 17 in
Outer Dimension Metric1226 × 1022 × 787 mm
Outer Dimension Imperial48 × 40 × 31 in
Pallet Base SizeISO
Tare Weight Metric186.9 kg
Tare Weight Imperial412 lb
Product SeriesSeries 20M
Product FamilyReusable Pallet
Product Sub-FamilyCrēdo Xtreme™
* Please review technical documentation for specific duration data from laboratory tests.

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