Pelican BioThermal Expands Manufacturing in the US and Launches Single-Use Shippers Availability to US Customers

Pelican BioThermal Expands Manufacturing in the US and Launches Single-Use Shippers Availability to US Customers

CoolPall™ Vertos

(MINNEAPOLIS – September 14, 2016) – Pelican BioThermal, the global leader in cold chain, providing the broadest and most innovative range of temperature-controlled packaging solutions serving the life sciences industry, announces expanded manufacturing capability to support production of single-use temperature-controlled shippers in the United States.

Producing inventory in their Minnesota facility means single-use products will be available sooner, in greater quantities and in a variety of sizes for North and South American clients. Also, this additional production capacity, allows Pelican BioThermal to support product demands from customers in other regions, by supplying from manufacturing operations in either the U.S. or the U.K.

“As our business continues to develop globally with new offices and service centers around the world, we are equally excited to bring additional manufacturing capabilities to Pelican Bio Thermal’s headquarters in Plymouth,” said Pelican BioThermal President, David Williams. “Adding single-use shipper production in the U.S. maximizes our flexibility in meeting our customers’ diverse needs.”

The Minnesota location will now produce the same single-use products currently being manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom, using the same designs and machinery for global uniformity of shippers delivered, regardless of production source. This new manufacturing facility expands production of CoolPall™ Vertos, Chronos™ Advance, and Chronos™ Express shippers, including all components such as outer corrugate, insulating foam and coolant BRICs.

The expansion will create an 8 percent growth in manufacturing personnel by the end of 2016. Furthermore, the addition represents a significant investment in machinery and equipment, as well as an addition of over 14,000 square feet - an increase of 20 percent production and warehouse space.

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Pelican BioThermal is a division of Pelican Products, Inc., which is a portfolio company of Behrman Capital, a private equity investment firm based in New York and San Francisco.