Diagnostics, vaccines and devices

Are you balancing the complex demands and expenses of a diagnostics lab and the need for temperature controlled logistics? Pelican BioThermal can ensure the integrity of your payload, reduce your distribution costs /inventory needs, and provide the industry’s only sustainable temperature-controlled logistics solution — helping you eliminate packaging disposal costs while streamlining your high volume logistics.

Pelican BioThermal ensures the integrity of temperature-sensitive diagnostics, vaccines and medical devices by offering:

  • A full range of single use and reusable temperature-controlled packaging options between 2 - 96 liters that surround and isolate your reagents, vaccines and lab samples, eliminating hot or cold spots and locking in a specific temperature range for up to 120 hours to meet controlled room (ambient), chilled and frozen temperature ranges.
  • An optimized payload ratio that reduces your distribution costs and inventory needs.
  • Tested and qualified Crēdo™ Products that offer up to five years of thermal performance and are made of 100% recyclable components that help reduce your impact on the environment.
  • Universal, easy to assemble packout saves time, money and eliminates fewer potential errors.
  • The Crēdo ProEnvision™ web-based software that tracks individual shipments through entire distribution cycle with an alert and trigger system and customizable management reporting.
  • Pelican BioThermal Global Service Centers that provide a closed loop reverse logistics system for refurbishment, component replacement, kitting and preconditioning.