New Product added to Golden Hour™ family of products

Our latest addition to the Golden Hour™ family of products is the Golden Hour One product. The Golden Hour One keeps blood cool without the use of external energy for 18 hours under extreme conditions and 36+ hours under optimal conditions.

Dry Ice Parcel Products

We offer two options for dry ice applications. The first is a simple, off the shelf EPS dry ice system available from 5 litres to 94 litres. The scrond is a more advanced product featuring high-performance VIP panels to protect the payload allowing for the use of less dry ice. Both systems are cost-effective and easy to pack-out.

Newest Service Center in Strasbourg, France

We just announced the opening of a new Service Center in Strasbourg, France. The facility will provide a variety of services for our customers by supporting the refurbishment, repair, conditioning and storage of Crēdo Cube™ reusable parcel shippers.