Partner Spotlight: M&P Corporation and Hubnet Express

Partner Spotlight: M&P Corporation and Hubnet Express

M&P Corporation and Hubnet Express supply temperature controlled packaging to the Japan market.

M & P Corporation:
M&P is a proud distributor partner within our Japan market. Founded in 1999, M&P has been importing and selling products that meet their customers needed for over 20 years. M&P provides the highest quality packaging for the biopharmaceutical industry, as well as for the packaging of strict product regulations such as UN certified products. 

M&P offers several Pelican BioThermal products which include the reusable Crēdo Cube™, single use CoolGuard™ Advance and our new product NanoCool.

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Hubnet Express:
Hubnet Express offers the highest quality and the most innovative standards in specialty cargo handling. They provide secure, reliable and “peace of mind transportation all over the 5 continents and are the largest independent courier company in Japan. Hubnet Express partners with their customers to deliver the right solutions based on their needs.

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