New Product added to Golden Hour™ family of products

New Product added to Golden Hour™ family of products

Golden Hour range

Our latest addition to the Golden Hour™ family of products is the Golden Hour One product. The Golden Hour One keeps blood cool without the use of external energy for 18 hours under extreme conditions and 36+ hours under optimal conditions. The technology, composed of a TIC™ coolant and vacuum insulation, prevents temperature excursions with a tight, protective thermal seal that eliminates possible hot or cold pockets or the need for ice, dry ice or gel packs. The two versions differ in form factor, which offers flexibility for inclusion in the combat pack-out. Both the rectangular and cylinder versions have built in data loggers to track temperature information and protect the safety of the blood product payload.

The patented Golden Hour technology was invented by Pelican BioThermal in 2003 in response to the US Army’s request for a reliable temperature controlled container that medics could use to transport blood and platelets to the battlefield during the life or death first hour after injury, or the Golden Hour. The technology won the US Army’s Greatest Invention Award the same year and serves as the foundation for other Pelican BioThermal products, including Crēdo Cube™, Crēdo ProMed™ and bulk shippers like the Crēdo™ Cargo.

Golden Hour One joins a family of Golden Hour products, including the original Golden Hour™ Mobile and Golden Hour™ Medic. Golden Hour Mobile transports four units of whole blood and maintains temperature control for 72 hours or more. Golden Hour Medic holds up to two units of whole blood and keeps blood cool for 24 hours under extreme conditions and 48+ hours under optimal conditions.

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