Direct-to-patient collection during a clinical trial

Direct-to-patient collection during a clinical trial

During these challenging times, home health care is becoming an increasingly viable option for those who may be ill and don't want to travel to their nearest clinic for treatment. There are two areas growng at a fast pace - the direct-to-patient (DTP) collection kits and the direct from-patient (DFP) biological samples for testing. There are seveal key factors that are driving the growth within these segments.

As referenced earlier, there is a convenience factor making it easier for patients to receive healthcare at home versus driving to the physician or clinic office. By administering home healthcare, this in turn increases the clinical trial protocol compliance and improves patient’s willingness to participate in the trial.

The other consideration is that these clinical trials are often conducted on a global scale making it often difficult for the participants to get to a collection center within a reasonable amount of time.

For these patient-centric collections of biological samples to be successful, the correct types of packaging must be available to ensure the samples are shipped with no need for conditioning.

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