Quality Policy

Pelican BioThermal is committed to continually improve our processes, satisfy applicable requirements, and actively engage our employees to provide unsurpassed customer value and satisfaction by delivering exceptional products and services. Pelican BioThermal have achieved the following accreditations for technical competency within its laboratories in Europe and the US:

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ISO 17025 Certification

To achieve these standards, the company’s laboratories in the United States and United Kingdom were required to demonstrate consistent technical competency and implement the quality systems necessary to meet the requirements to secure these internationally recognized accreditations. In order to receive these Globally accepted certifications, Pelican BioThermal needed to demonstrate its technical competence, operate a quality system, are impartial and can consistently generate technically valid results.

This means that our Global customers can confidently rely on our technical capabilities to achieve consistent quality in all of our laboratory operations. These independently assessed standards are used to confirm and recognize the competency, impartiality and consistent operation of laboratories worldwide. The objectives of holding ISO accreditation are to establish quality in laboratory testing and reliability to ensure results are reproducible, prevent risk, detect deviations and improve efficiency.